Grimal Grove Gourmet Gathering

It’s been over a month since our last post and it’s not because we haven’t thought about it! We have been so busy with events that it has been hard to keep up on the website.  We are so grateful for all of the community support at the local events we participate in, and also truly appreciate when locals recommend us to visitors for their weddings or private events!

We have a very exciting event coming up this Friday! The first ever farm-to-table event at Grimal Grove! We will be cooking some very unique and tasty dishes with ingredients from Grimal such as blimbi, jackfruit, sapote, and Thai longbeans.  It will be an amazing night at one of the most unique and special properties in the Florida Keys!
Here is a photo of chef with some of the items he will be using:


There are still a few tickets remaining so head over to for more info!

2 thoughts on “Grimal Grove Gourmet Gathering

  1. Having a baby shower for Blair and Mike. Couples shower July 16th 5:00 to 7:00 pm. She asked me to contact you regarding apps. 30 to 40 people. 5-7 apps hot and cold. What would something like this cost me?


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